Pack It Up Up & Away

Get Packing! Summer is here with the highways and skyways calling your name. My job and lifestyle take me out of town several times per month. I detest packing. It is a chore I put off to the last minute. Then I pack too much, for the wrong climate, and sometimes I forget a key piece of the wardrobe. But a few little tricks and tools have helped me face these packing pitfalls like a globetrotting all-star.

Plan your wardrobe allowing for 1 extra outfit in case of emergency.

  1. Workout clothing: leggings, sneakers, socks, t-shirt, earbuds
  2. Daytime outfit: jeans or black pants coordinated with two colorful tops
  3. Nighttime: A skirt or dress that can double as a bathing suit cover-up the next day.

Packing cubes are key- these light weight gems come in a variety of sizes for clothing, shoes and toiletries. You can pack them and then squish them. On longer journeys I pack the cubes filling in a couple days at a time so I don’t have to unpack everything all at once. Perfect solution for a road trip with several stops and occasions.

Kendra Scott and Tory Burch offer stylish and efficient travel accessories. Kendra Scott has 3 styles of jewelry travelers each can organize earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Organize your statement jewelry to change up your travel friendly outfits. Jonesy Wood, Blo Vintage and Jen Boaz have the most incredible, unique pieces to bring the best out of any outfit.

Tory Burch’s coordinated makeup kits range from large toiletries for bath and makeup to small purse cases. I keep one large toiletries bag and one medium make up bag packed with travel essentials at all times. They are ready to hit the road with a moment’s notice.

A pashmina is perfect for cool airplanes and beach nights. Select one neutral color to wear with everything.

Roll your packing. Choose a skirt that can work at dinner and then as a bathing suit cover-up.

Cute t’s and tanks take up very little space and you have room to pack several colors. Roll up one pair of jeans in your favorite colored denim.

Sneakers are on trend with athletic wear to dresses. Pack one pair to wear day or night.

Flip flops or sandals, again, pack one pair to wear by the pool or dancing into the night.

One convertible handbag, like Molly Jane’s, cross body by day and clutch by night.  They key to the best packed case are pieces that can serve multiple occasions.

And boom! You are on the road again.
“Be in love with your life, every minute of it” Jack Kerouac